Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Turtle Creek Chorale

They Will, They Will Rock You

Remember when Sandy went from good girl to bad at the end of Grease? Well, imagine that on a much larger scale as the Turtle Creek Chorale takes a walk […]

Hey, Stud

Presidents Day has us thinking of all sorts of names to describe the current man in office. Yet no matter how many appropriate monikers we came up with, there’s one […]

Sponsored: Putting The Out In Outlaws

There’s something deep in our DNA that attracts us to the bad boys. Just ask Sandy in Grease. Rule-breakers are sexy, no matter how you analyze it. Maybe it’s their […]

Oh, Say Can You Sing

There are songs that can define a generation. Mark a movement. Open hearts and minds. Many of those treasured tunes make their way into this weekend’s Turtle Creek Chorale concerts, ANTHEMS. Featuring […]

Now That’s Quite The Spread

How do you like your wigs? Scrambled, fried or funny-side up? For us, the answer’s “all of the above.” We’ve been in desperate need of a drag brunch ever since […]

It Was A Dark & Storied Night

If life isn’t already a cabaret for you, don’t worry. It will be one week from tonight. That’s when 3015 at Trinity Groves transforms into a 1930s/40s-style nightclub featuring Turtle […]

24 Hours Of Singing, Tra La La

Every time we hear the Turtle Creek Chorale perform, we wish it would never end. Well, next Friday, our wish comes true. At least for 24 hours. In response to […]

Dreamy. Just Dreamy.

What do you dream about? Love? Winning the lottery? Flying naked through the wine aisle of Kroger on Cedar Springs? Whatever you hopes and aspirations, Turtle Creek Chorale has a […]