Put Some Gay In Your Day!


We’ve Got The Rainbow Connection

We certainly hope you know the name Randy Rainbow. But just in case you don’t, he’s a gay you need in your life. To get to know him a bit, check out […]

Beef & Cheese

We’ve never once sat through an entire episode of Dancing with the Stars. Of course, we’ve seen clips online from time to time and get recaps from our mom on a […]

Be More Resourceful

And now, a Public Service Announcement for every L, G, B and T in Dallas. Our community is lucky. Really lucky. We have one of the largest community centers in the nation, […]

Dragging With The Devil

While some people are looking forward to the fall premiere of shows like How To Get Away With Murder, Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy, we’re looking forward most to a non-Shondaland […]

Barrying It All

Now we know why we’re gay. During our formative years, our sister was obsessed with Barry Manilow. She played his music from her 8-track player on a near-constant loop while […]

BOTS Mitzvah

Sissy that walk, ladies! The women of RuPaul’s Drag Race are taking over the world. Literally. The dates for RuPaul’s Drag Race Battle of the Seasons 2016 Extravaganza Tour were […]

Tour de Courses

When was the last time you walked any significant distance — that didn’t involve a treadmill and back-to-back episodes of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding? And while we’re asking […]