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Caution: Graphic Content Inside

In an era when graphic novels are made into successful movies and TV shows left and right, TidalWave Comics is doing just the opposite. They’re taking successful people and turning them into comic books. It’s a really cool concept and publisher Darren Davis┬áhas created a large catalog of novels about…

But Wait, There’s More!

Last month, we told you about hottie power-couple Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black giving away a double-date with them to one lucky donor to their fundraising campaign benefiting HRC and the Brain Tumour Charity, organizations close to the guys’ hearts. Now, in the final week of the campaign, they’ve…

Celebrity Four-Way

Last time we went on a double date with a couple of any fame level whatsoever, it was 2003 when Mr. Leather Topeka and his boyfriend were caught up in a regional scandal that was exposed on as many as two AM radio news broadcasts. (We later shared an Awesome…