Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Pay no attention to the weather report. There’s a heat wave that’s been consistently hitting TMC every Wednesday for the last couple of weeks. Thankfully it’s because of the best kind […]

All Dressed Up & Four Places To Go

Happy Halloween!  Even though many of you have been celebrating since the morning after Labor Day, the official holiday has finally arrived once and for all. So, if you still […]

Is Your Monday Dragging?

What’s the best way to celebrate making it through another Monday? Staying up late and missing work on Tuesday! Tonight, starting at 10:00 p.m., C.E.B.A. (Caven Enterprises Benevolence Association) presents its […]

Fight For Your Right To Mardi

If next week is Fat Tuesday, then today is more of a Trump-esque One-Pound-Shy-of-Obese Tuesday. Even though we’re 500 miles away from New Orleans, we can still Mardi-party with the best […]

Don’t Take Out The Trash-BRING IT BACK!

Last Tuesday was the end of an era. A deliciously decadent, truly trashy, nearly naked era. If you happened to miss it, BJ’s NXS shuttered last Thursday, August 24, after […]

That Syncing Feeling

Karaoke isn’t for everyone. Like us. We couldn’t sing our way out of a showerful of naked men. (Or however that expression goes.) But lip-sync? That’s something we do really […]

Turnabout Is Fun Play

The only thing we like better than drag is amateur drag. There’s something so raw and exciting that makes it not just fun, but slightly dangerous. Plus, there are always […]