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Gettin’ Tiggy With It

How do we love Tig Notaro? Let us count the ways. Actually, that sounds like a whole lot of work and way too many words for the internet. But trust us, we love this comedian so, so much. The Texas native returns to the Lone Star State on May 31…

Hometown Charmer

We can’t imagine our life without Amazon Prime. Pretty sure we’re keeping at least one UPS driver fully employed with our late-night Ambien-induced one-click purchases. (Yet somehow we still managed to run out of toilet paper just in time for a Labor Day pool party.) But besides free two-day shipping…

T.G.I. Tig

As funny as we’re finding this Donald Trump fella, we’re ready for a break. Preferably one that involves intentional humor. Well, that’s exactly the point of Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted, premiering this Saturday. Produced by Funny or Die, it’s the lesbian comedy talent’s first HBO special, which is a…