Put Some Gay In Your Day!


If One More Thing Goes Wrong…

Growing up, we were obsessed with tragedy. No, not things happening in the real world, but the types of things that only befell the great Shelley Winters, Faye Dunaway, or […]

Practically Perfect In Every Way

You may never watch 1950s sitcoms the same way ever again. Imagine I Love Lucy if Ricky and Fred were pushing the twin beds together for a little afternoon action on all […]

Service With A Laugh

Never give up on your dreams. Though you may want to give up on that iced tea refill you’ve been hoping for. In My Son the Waiter – A Jewish Tragedy, […]

Everyone’s A Critic

The art of criticizing can be tricky. Just ask Samantha Bee. But we live for sass in any form, which is why we’re eager to see Stage West‘s one-night-only performance […]

Don’t Panic! Uptown Players Returns This June

Finally. A Super Sweet 16 we actually want to go to. From June 14 to 16, Uptown Players presents the sixteenth edition of its annual fundraiser, Broadway Our Way. Written and directed once again […]

Pronouns & Punchlines

Every family has its quirks. And then there’s the family in HIR (pronounced here).  Quirky barely begins to describe the Connors, a brood experiencing all sorts of drama just as soldier Isaac returns home after being […]

LGBTQ: Let’s Go Be Theatrical, Queens!

Even though we’re in the prime of patio season right now, there are soooo many reasons to go indoors. At least for a couple hours at a time. The arts calendar […]

Bridging The Gay Generation Gap

If millennials could ask older LGBT individuals anything, what in the world would they want to know? Well, wonder no more. Beginning this weekend, Flexible Grey Theatre Company presents the […]

Like Totally

When we were in high school, social media meant writing in someone’s yearbook. In glitter ink. And emojis had to be drawn by hand, as well. Thank the baby Jeebus. […]

A Little Light S&M To Kick Off The Weekend

Timing can be uncanny sometimes. Case in point: We can’t imagine when Medalew Productions planned One And Only, a play about a woman with sadomasochistic tendencies, that the major headlines of the […]