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Enjoy Steak With A 20-Year-Old

In June 2019, Al Biernat’s Oak Lawn can finally go out and legally order a cocktail. The iconic and beloved gayborhood-adjacent steakhouse recently celebrated turning 20 with a facelift and a brand-new bar. And if you’ve been to the restaurant before the update, you’ll notice a wonderful difference. If you’ve never been, there’s…

Dude, Surf’s Up! (And So Is The Turf)

As much as we’d love to be on an actual beach this Sunday (oh wait, we are!), the next-best thing to a tropical vacay for us would be relaxing over a fantastic surf-and-turf platter. And for a relative bargain? Even better. We recently dined at Ocean Prime in Uptown for our…

Live The Highland Life

During the height of the recession, it was commonplace to forego exotic trips to far-off places in favor of weekend adventures closer to home. Well, even though the economy has improved dramatically, our concept of staycation has shifted from budget friendly to a taste of ultimate luxury and indulgence in…