Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Purple Foundation

Booties, Legs, & Balls

Oh wait. We really need to update our vision prescription. That press release we received clearly says “Bootlegger’s Ball.” But we still like our version for a future party if […]

Violet Femmes

Happy May, everyone! ‘Tis the season for drinks on the patio, flowers in full bloom and four solid days of purple. You guessed it. Purple Party Weekend is just around the […]

Put Some Spring In Your Step

It’s hard to dance like no one’s watching when the nightclub’s packed. But we’ll try. This weekend, Purple Foundation presents the spring edition of Spin, the quarterly dance party that […]

Bolly High

If ever there were a time to not break out your little black dress (or anything black, gray or otherwise drab, really), it’s this year’s Bollywood-themed Toast to Life. On Saturday, […]

Have A Ball Tonight, It’s Summer!

In other parts of the country, people track the change of seasons by things like leaves turning colors. Or snowflakes falling. Or the first bloom of a delicate flower. Not […]

Are You Ready To Dance?

Warning: Swimsuit season is just around the corner. If you’re like us, there are still a lot of eggnog and cookie pounds yet to shed. And even though we go […]

The 701 Club: What? What??? and WHAT????

Heed ye the warnings around us. Based on these news items, the end is near! What?: Hell has experienced a cold front. The Chicago Cubs are headed to the World […]

Dallas Pride Weekend Guide: September 16-18

Happy Pride, Dallas! As you can imagine, there’s a ton of stuff to do this weekend. There’s a comprehensive events calendar at dallaspride.org, but we’ve picked five best bets to […]

Cinco De Gay-O

Pride Week is upon us. And that means numerous events filling up our calendars from now until next Sunday’s parade. But the celebrations don’t have to end with the final […]

This Tank Is Tops.

It won’t be long before we’re putting out our favorite animatronic jack-o-lantern. But we’re not letting summer go without a fight. Thankfully, we still have another month or so of […]