Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Wendy Ho

Even though we enjoy discovering new experiences, some things we like to do over and over and over. Especially after our mom’s warnings that we’d go blind haven’t yet come true. […]

We’ve Got The Rainbow Connection

We certainly hope you know the name Randy Rainbow. But just in case you don’t, he’s a gay you need in your life. To get to know him a bit, check out […]

A Book Even Trump Could Read

Make America literate again. Please. With the predilection of our Hemorrhoid in Chief to use single-syllable words (and apparently a thesaurus with only one page containing synonyms for the word “great”) the intellectual bar […]

Shut It, Beotch

Bette Davis was born to be on the big screen. And she was absolutely destined to be parodied for all eternity by drag queens and gay men the world over. […]

Funny That Way

Fewer than one out of 100 documentaries make us pee our pants. It’s a sad, sad statistic and an indicator that today’s documentary films are just out to educate and […]