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Queer In The Kitchen
Ode to Ina: Corn Chowder

We all have our idols. For the little boy racing matchbox cars across the living room floor, it’s Jeff Gordon. The blossoming young ingenue adores Carrie Underwood. And, of course, we gays LOVE our Lady Gaga. Seriously, it’s like a mandate to being gay… But to a kitchen queer, no one holds…

Queer In The Kitchen
Ode To Ina: Chocolate Cakes + Roller Skates

Our friend, London, had two requests for his recent birthday: chocolate and fun. So, what’s more fun gay than an Ina Garten cake recipe and 10 grown men roller skating?! Not much, friend. Not much.           Much like looking like a normal human being while dribbling a basketball,…

Queer In The Kitchen
Ode To Ina: Beef Bourguignon

Like the teens that ended up in the ICU after watching MTV’s Jackass, I too am guilty of seeing something on TV and ‘trying it at home.’ Almost immediately after seeing Julie & Julia years ago, I obnoxiously mimicked Meryl Streep’s Julia Child accent was determined to make beouf bourguignon like Amy…