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All The News That’s Gay To Print

In a world where print publications struggle to survive, one has triumphed. Celebrating 25 years, The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide continues to publish well-written, thought-provoking coverage of history, culture and […]

Flipboard for the Web

One of my most favorite apps for iPhone, iPad and Android is Flipboard — a very popular social news reader app. Flipboard takes your favorite subjects and topics (news, technology, sports, pop […]

Is Microsoft Getting Its Moxie Back? Buys Sunrise Calendar

If I were a betting man, I’d bet more than likely the only time you use a Microsoft product is at the office (excluding an Xbox). You most likely don’t […]

FTC Sues AT&T for Throttling Unlimited Data Customers – Are You Affected?

The Federal Trade Commission has sued AT&T for what the government claims is due to AT&T’s throttling (intentionally slowing down) of customers who have unlimited data plans. This is the first […]

HBO Takes On Netflix and Starts New Stand-Alone Service

Whether you loved True Blood or are an in-the-closet Game of Thrones fan, HBO is one of the world’s most favorite network channels. Some of the best documentaries, movies and […]

That’s What He Said: Gay List Daily is now He Said Magazine

Cooper Smith Koch here, Gay List Daily’s founder and publisher. I want to personally tell you about some big changes that are kicking off today and coming soon with our […]

Facebook’s Paper App – Best App Ever Made?

As the Moxie Mo Show predicted, Facebook launches its new Paper App which is a game changer for Facebook. See why this new app has everyone talking and why you will never use the old Facebook […]

Clean Out Your Email, Google Buys Nest, Facebook News Reader App

Google announces it has purchased the very popular smart home gadget maker, Nest. Facebook competes with Flipboard by launching a news reader app and how to clean out your email […]

Party In Style

The day after Halloween is almost as big a letdown as the day after Christmas. And in both occasions, there’s usually a pile of fake eyelashes, strangers’ underwear and Kit […]