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The Silence Of The Fans

Get ready for The Rocky Horror Picture Show like you’ve probably never seen it before—with a quiet audience. Yep, for CinéWilde’s November screening at The Texas Theatre, they’re daring to do something few have done since the initial release back in 1975. In addition to no actors re-enacting the film as a shadowcast in…

One Serious Flashback

The 1980s saw many a Corey lighting up the screen in blockbuster movies. But tonight, a new film starring a contemporary Cory set in the ’80s has a much more somber vibe than anything à la Feldman or Haim. In the emotional drama 1985, Cory Michael Smith (TV’s Gotham) stars as a closeted…

Can A T-Rex Play The Violin?

Summer unofficially ends on Labor Day Weekend, so why not celebrate by watching one of the biggest summer blockbusters of all time? Jurassic Park in Concert brings the movie to life in a whole new way as the Dallas Symphony Orchestra performs the iconic John Williams score live beneath an HD projection…

Fashionable Things Come To Those Who Wait

No more waiting. McQueen has arrived. After opening in very select theaters on July 20, the documentary about the revolutionary gay fashion designer Alexander McQueen has debuted in Dallas. After early-bird showings last night, the film officially opens today with reserved seating at Angelika Film Center. Celebrate this complicated man with…

There’s No Love Like Strangelove

High school crushes. Coming out. Gay cereal. What else could you want in a hilarious comedy? Alex Strangelove Now streaming Photo courtesy of Netflix

Nothing To Do This Week? As if.

Sure, January may not be packed with parties and charity galas, but that doesn’t mean we need to Netflix and Die Alone. We spent most of last week watching movies nominated for The Golden Globes, so this week, we’re turning to some old-school flicks. Or more specifically, a trio of…

Dahm & Dahmer

Origin stories are a big deal right now. Young Sheldon. Wonder Woman. The Moronic Adventures of Lil’ Trumpy & The Tiny Pussy Grabbers. Yet much like Bates Motel, another project that explored the developmental years of an iconic character, My Friend Dahmer also takes us into the young life of gay serial killer. Except,…

Say Uncle!

A mean, homophobic, 67-year-old Jewish man walks into a bar. Wearing a dress. And a wig. Nope, this isn’t the setup to a bad joke or even the plotline of a fictional comedy trying to capitalize on the transgender revolution taking place in the US. It’s actually the plot of a…

Merry Murderesses

True crime podcasts.  Lesbian romance. Female serial killers. This unlikely trio of concepts collides in the hilarious, twisted thriller, Women Who Kill. Starring Ingrid Jungermann, who also wrote and directed, this award-winning film blends creepy and charming with amazing skill. Or should we say, homicidal precision. But unlike visiting a diabolical killer in…

There’s A Porn Star In Your House!

Don’t look now, but you’re in the same room as a porn star. What? You’re alone? Exactly. You could be the next big thing in porn. Or, if you’re like us, the next average-but-big-enough-to-get-the-job-done thing in porn. One of our favorite events ever is Dan Savage’s HUMP! Film Festival and…

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