Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Underwear Of The Month: Bargains For Your Bulge

If thieves break into our house, they should skip the safe. Our most valuable possessions can be found in the underwear drawer. And no, we’re not talking about jewelry and […]

Photo Finish

Our favorite artworks always feature sexy men. Which is probably why we love the Mona Lisa so much. Well, now we can add some more contemporary pieces to our collection […]

Underwear Of The Month: Group Hug!

Horny. Ready to Milk. Love Me Hard. Any of these describe your current mood? Well, you can let everyone know when you drop your pants in the gym locker room […]

Lounge Act

Now that’s a crossword puzzle we’d like to wake up to on a Sunday morning. Especially if it’s like the one in The New York Times and it gets harder as the […]

Open This Box Before Christmas

Remember being a kid and liking the box more than the gift? We’re having that same kind of reaction now. Not to mention proof that we need to stretch more […]

Underwear Of The Month: Naked & Unafraid

We love going to our mailbox. And not just because we have a crush on the postal worker who delivers on our route. No, because we never know what’s going […]