Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Got Milk?

Happy (hopefully) Election Day! We won’t really know how to feel until later tonight or even tomorrow, but with politics on the brain, it’s perfect timing for a new book […]

Always A Wonder

No matter how great Gal Gadot is in the role, for us Wonder Woman will ALWAYS be Lynda Carter. Of course, the iconic actress has made a wonderful life and career […]

Hello, Barb-y Girl

Babs is back! Beloved gay icon, Barbra Streisand, debuted a brand-new album yesterday. Walls features original issue-driven songs (see the video for the first single below), as well as melancholy covers of tunes such […]

One Serious Flashback

The 1980s saw many a Corey lighting up the screen in blockbuster movies. But tonight, a new film starring a contemporary Cory set in the ’80s has a much more […]

Brunch Of The Week: Splurge On A Quality Ho

Cruisin’ for some fusion? Look no further, we’ve found perhaps the most perfect example of a creative brunch menu that takes full advantage of riffing on its dinner fare and […]

All Dressed Up & Four Places To Go

Happy Halloween!  Even though many of you have been celebrating since the morning after Labor Day, the official holiday has finally arrived once and for all. So, if you still […]

Home Is Where The Julia Is

We may never get a My Best Friend’s Wedding 2, but we have the next-best thing. Sorta. This Friday, Amazon’s Prime Video division premieres Homecoming starring Julia Roberts with Dermot Mulroney a little […]

Dia De Los Maestros

In Latino cultures, the day after Halloween finds people celebrating the lives of deceased loved ones. In Dallas, this year’s November 1 festivities will be all about food, glorious food—at […]

Burst Your Bubble

The Two Americas. We hear this term a lot these days, but it would be difficult denying the reality. Funny enough, we were just having a conversation with a friend […]

O Rodeo, Rodeo! Wherefore Art Thou, Rodeo?

We haven’t been to a rodeo since fifth grade. But we finally found a photo that accurately depicts our memories of the spectacle. Create your own future flashbacks this weekend […]