Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Something Super-er

Super Bowl LIII = 53 years’ worth of accumulated yawns. “But what about the commercials?” people always ask. “Already seen them all online weeks ago,” we reply. So really and […]

Athletes On Parade

We love watching football. Actually, we should clarify. Not the sport, but the actual football being held by that hunky mound of muscles in the photo above. The way his bicep gently […]

The Joy Of Socks

Sometimes it’s the simplest of gestures that make the biggest difference. Like a twink on Grindr telling us “You look great for being old.” Melts our heart every time. But […]

Jake’s Terrifying Gay Adventure

We love being gay. And apparently, so does Jake Gyllenhaal. Well, at least pretending to be gay suits him (and our fantasy life) well. This Friday, Netflix releases Velvet Buzzsaw, its 3,742nd […]

Painting With A (Naked) Twist

Are you the next Pablo Peencaso? Perhaps you fancy yourself more of a Vincent Van Gonad. Or Rimbrandt if you’re feeling extra kinky (and up-to-date on your shots). Unleash any […]

Brunch Of The Week: Can You Digg It?

We just got our lab work back from the doctor. Luckily, we had no STDs, our cholesterol was normal, and our testosterone is off the charts. (You’ve been warned, fellas!) […]


Sing it from the mountaintops!  Cirque du Soleil is back in town with a new show filled with sexy performers who can bend into all sorts of crazy positions. (Not-so-secretly […]

The Mysteries Of Lara

Ballerina movies always fascinate us for some reason. Probably because it’s such a whole other lifestyle than our daily routine of sitting on the sofa and trying to keep our […]

Hey, Tosser!

Cornhole: It’s more than just the name for an unhygienic bottom. It’s also a really fun (and relatively easy) sport that we’ve been playing in friends’ backyards for years. Get […]

Brunch Of The Week: There’s Got To Be A Morning After

Eat all the things. If this is your dining motto, you probably already know about the Dallas Observer‘s famous Morning After Brunch, celebrating its third edition on Saturday, February 9. The […]