Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Bye-Bye, Tie!

When we were part of Corporate America, we had more neckties than we knew what to do with. These days, we have to dig through our walk-in underwear closet just […]

My, What A Beautiful Ora

We love seeing big-name stars in smaller performance spaces. One of our all-time favorite concerts was Annie Lennox at SMU’s McFarlin Auditorium because it seemed so up-close-and-personal, yet otherworldly all […]

Pink Traveler: 50 & Proud

Turning 50 can be scary. (Trust us, it’s happening to us sooner than we’d like.) But it also represents a monumental achievement, whether as a person or a movement that […]

Show That Closet Who’s Boss

Get out of the closet! That’s what you need to be yelling at all those clothes you no longer wear. Because they could have a new home with someone who […]

‘Tis The Season Of Love

Valentine’s Day approaches like an evil flying baby on a mission to spread schmaltz and heart-shaped nonsense throughout the land. But that’s simply our super-romantic perspective. There’s an event this […]

The Funny Thing Is…

Ellen is everywhere on television. Whether it’s hosting one of several shows or as a producer behind the scenes, her media presence—and empire—continue to grow. Well, now she can add […]

Brunch Of The Week: Way Gay

Don you now your gay apparel, it’s time for Sunday brunch! This week’s Brunch of the Week edition is a little different, however, because we’ve got the details on a […]

Sunday Sloppy Kiss Funday

It’s never a good idea to adopt a dog spur-of-the-moment. So consider this ample time to think about bringing a sweet, furry new friend into your home. Especially if you’re […]

Bully For You

It’s no secret: We love dogs. (And not the Omarosa type.) So we always love attending pooch parties, especially the ones where pups can be adopted. This Sunday, No Borders […]

Pride Part Deux

We celebrated Dallas Pride so recently you can still find glitter, beads and slightly worn Beto O’Rourke signs all up and down Cedar Springs. But it’s never too soon to be proud […]