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Julia Roberts

Home Is Where The Julia Is

We may never get a My Best Friend’s Wedding 2, but we have the next-best thing. Sorta. This Friday, Amazon’s Prime Video division premieres Homecoming starring Julia Roberts with Dermot Mulroney a little […]

Buy A Ticket & Drink Your Juice, Shelby

Movies don’t get much gayer than Steel Magnolias. It’s one of those deliciously quotable, laugh-through-tears classics that we can watch from any point in the film if we come across […]

Hollywood Dish May 19, 2016

What’s buzzing this week? Let Steve Kemble, US Weekly Fashion Police Top Cop, entertainment reporter for the CBS Radio Show – Afternoons with Leigh Ann & Courtney Kerr on KVIL 103.7 www.kvil.com and America’s […]

Hell On Wheels

“Angry Julia Roberts” is usually reserved for her recorded battles with the paparazzi, but there’s something great about seeing America’s sweetheart going against type. That’s exactly what she does in […]