Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Deck Your Halls

Every January we like to do some sort of update around the house. Paint a room. Scatter new throw pillows. Drill a new peephole into the wall we share with […]

Homme Decor

It’s been a couple years since we’ve had several penises on our sofa at once. (Guess we’re losing our mojo.) But we can reclaim that glory in a more understated […]

Party Between The Sheets

Finally, our dreams of having a gorgeous Italian in our bed are coming true. This Thursday, Peacock Alley kicks off their Villa Italia event celebrating an exclusive line of Italian […]

Cold Brew Brotherhood

We went from a zero-coffees-a-year habit to a three-to-five-coffees-a-day outright addiction almost overnight. Now we can’t image life without the stuff. Our go-to selection, especially in summer, is the tallest […]

My Circus Room – Yes, You Read That Correctly

In previous videos, I’ve casually mentioned that we have a “Circus Room” in our house, complete with a big top tent, stages (plural) and clown murals. A bunch of y’all […]

Patsy & Edina Would Approve

85 days. That’s how long we have to wait for the Star Wars of Gay Movies to premiere and we’re getting restless. But before we buy our tickets to Absolutely […]

A Shop That Pops

Everybody loves a good foursome. And Nest is kicking off a pop-up shop series starting tomorrow with Missoni Home, the first of a quartet of designer collections debuting every couple […]

One Cool, Joyful, Angry, Happy Hour

A single emoji can express a complex emotion more perfectly than dozens of words. In fact, when we die we’d be fulfilled for all eternity if each grieving person simply […]

We Like ‘Em Loose

Christopher Coccagna often finds himself in hot water. That’s because he puts his heart and soul into the teas he blends for San Francisco-based T-WE TEA. And you’ll taste it […]

It Gets Bedder

Valentine’s Day is over, but that doesn’t mean romance is dead. Especially for the couples featured in NYLON’s new video series, In Bed With Us. The first episode (above) explores […]