Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Brush Up On History

Today, we’re in full support of the wall. No, not Trump’s moronic border monstrosity, but rather the southeastern wall of Resource Center’s Nelson-Tebedo Clinic on Cedar Springs Road. This Saturday, […]

Be The Rainbow

Feeling Toasty?

Ready to visit the gayest speakeasy of all time? Well, you’ll have to wait until March 30 for Resource Center’s Bootlegger’s Ball, also known as next year’s Toast to Life event. But don’t […]

One Serious Flashback

The 1980s saw many a Corey lighting up the screen in blockbuster movies. But tonight, a new film starring a contemporary Cory set in the ’80s has a much more […]

Calm Down, Girl. It’s Just A 5K Walk.

As we get older, we seek outdoor activities that offer the lowest possibility of pulling a muscle. Or breaking a hip. Well, LifeWalk hasn’t let us down yet and we don’t […]

Under Where? Over There!

• Mattresses • Toothbrushes • Catheters The list of things we won’t buy used could go on for days. Surprisingly, underwear is not on that truncated version of a really long line of […]

An Unorthodox 2018

Love one another or die! That’s the dramatic theme of the 2018 Orthodox Calendar. We’ve written about the hot, sexy religiously themed calendar for several years now and it never ceases to […]

Nico-Friendly Music

Today is World AIDS Day. A day of raising awareness of the pandemic caused by the HIV infection spreading. It’s a day of remembrance, but also hope. And one of the […]

PrEP School

It seems that all our favorite pills are little and blue. And they make bedtime so much better for our boyfriend. But enough about our extra-strength Gas-X chewables. We’re talking about PrEP […]

Tie Breaker

How many days would you need to plan a fabulous dinner party? Two? Five? Fourteen? Well, we’re giving you 36. Because the 12th Anniversary of the No Tie Dinner & […]