Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Turkey Burgers

Every good, borderline manorexic gay is no stranger to ground turkey. It is a great source of protein and is low in fat. Now, Kyle’s partner serves his up crudely […]

Grilled Fruit Salad

When people speak of fruit salad I’m haunted by memories of those awful, slimy cups of peeled grapes and other indistinguishable fruit that the lunch lady, Linda, would thrust at […]

Barbecued Ribs

A wise woman once said that the only time ribs are sexy is NOT when visible on an avian-boned woman in a tiny swimsuit at the beach, but when they […]

Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs

We have been bringing you kabob REALNESS all month long. To finish off our June grilling series, we’re throwing down a tasty grilled chicken with a delicious marinade and dipping sauce.   […]

Shrimp Kabobs

This month, we are embracing summer with our first grilling series. This is the first of three different kabob recipes that will spice up any (non-Jewish) pool party!           […]