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Fried Chicken

Brunch Of The Month: Deep-Fried Sunday

We love a good spread. (We’re just not that limber anymore.) But there’s another spread that has us really excited: Sunday Killer Brunch at Grayson Social downtown. Sure, you could […]

Rap Star

If there’s one thing we learned from being kidnapped by Dr. Phil and forced to make women’s panties from nothing but gummy-bear vitamins and old photos of our dreamy college […]

“Pickled” Oven-Fried Chicken

If we had a dollar for every time we’ve thrown a shade-filled eye roll at an ‘oven-fried’ recipe (knowing it’s nowhere close to the bubbling, hot, greasy, REAL fried experience), we would […]

Try A Little Tenderness

Fried chicken: our one guilty pleasure. OK, nobody believes that statistic, but fried chicken is quite possibly the single food obsession we crave at least once a week, especially in […]