Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Shady Sounds

Hear ye, hear ye! Bluetooth devices just got really, really shady—and that’s a wonderful thing. Lucyd Eyewear recently launched a killer pair of high-tech glasses: Lucyd LOUD. These stylish frames […]


You don’t need a time-traveling DeLorean to give a gift from the future. Or more specifically, the Futuro. House of DIFFA: Futuro doesn’t happen until March 16, 2019, but tickets […]

Without Su, We’d Have No Ru

All hail the Queen of the Night. That’s the moniker given to beloved Gothamite and avant-garde fashion icon, Susanne Bartsch. For the on-the-scene and in-the-know movers and shakers of New […]

Netflix Is So Queer

When we watch most makeover shows, we like to watch the first few minutes then fast-forward to the big reveal. That’s because in-between can be so insanely dull. But when Queer […]

Check Your Ego At The Door (And Bring A Different One Inside)

We have so many sides of our personality, sometimes it’s difficult to decide which one to take out on the town. Fortunately, we have a little time to make our […]

Lounge Act

Now that’s a crossword puzzle we’d like to wake up to on a Sunday morning. Especially if it’s like the one in The New York Times and it gets harder as the […]

One Day You’re In, The Next Day You’re Out

We haven’t watched Project Runway in several years, but we’re obsessed with Season 16. The big New York Fashion Week finale doesn’t air until this Thursday and we’re beside ourselves with anxiety over […]

Where Poochie Meets Gucci

The Rose Room stage has seen its fair share of bitches. But none more cute and cuddly than the ones who will grace the runway on Sunday, August 13 as […]

Underwear Of The Month: Naked & Unafraid

We love going to our mailbox. And not just because we have a crush on the postal worker who delivers on our route. No, because we never know what’s going […]

You Deserve The ‘Besque

The most fashionable night on the gay calendar is upon us. The sold-out House of DIFFA: Arabesque brings fabulousness to the runway on May 6, but we thrive on spoilers. So we’ll […]