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Cooped Up
Pink Lemons & Professional Wrestling

Claire – in her dance class get up – joins me as we unpack this week’s Blue Apron box, yell at the dogs and talk about pink lemons (I didn’t even know they existed!), my little brother’s professional wrestling career, successful friends (Go Promise – Congrats on your TapInfluence success &…

Queer In The Kitchen
Fit Stuffed Bell Peppers

This recipe is a throwback to growing up in the Midwest and all the amazing, delicious, incredibly hi-caloric meals we ate gathered around the dinner table. Well, my family was around the table. I was practicing my baton twirling in the closet. Literally. It was a REALLY big walk-in closet.    …

Meat & Potatoes. Also, Food.

Getting us into the kitchen to prepare meals is difficult. But after reading Weslo’s Home-O-Erotic Cookbook, things just got a lot harder. Like four-hours-call-a-doctor hard. The cooking, however, is definitely going to be easier. That’s because this how-to guide is an ingenious blend of hard-core food porn and soft-core man…

What’s Cooking?

Fact: When bros cook together shirtless, the food taste better. 👊🏻💪🏻#fitfam #gains A photo posted by Logan (@loponder7) on Jan 25, 2016 at 6:35pm PST

Cooped Up
CoopedUp Test Kitchen: Blue Apron Arrives!

I’ve officially jumped on the ingredients-and-recipes-in-a-box bandwagon. At the prompting of friends (and a pretty swell “first week free” promo code), I decided to give Blue Apron a shot. The box arrived with great anticipation today. And even though I’m not going to be able to cook my first meal…

That’s How We Casserole

Cold weather is the ideal time for indulging in comfort food. It’s also a great reason to cuddle up to a big, burly bear so he can keep you warm. Do both this Saturday afternoon as the Dallas Bears present a Casserole Cook-off. Or more specifically, the Dallas Bears Old-Fashioned…

Queer In The Kitchen
Corey’s Bayou Brown Jambalaya

Within five minutes of meeting our friend, Corey, he has probably 1) made you laugh your ass off and 2) told you no fewer than 18 facts about the city of New Orleans.           Having been born and raised in the great state of Louisiana swamp, he…

Queer In The Kitchen
Pound Cake French Toast

People always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and most people’s favorite part of any meal is dessert. So, we are taking very little from column A and a whole lot from column B and making an already sweet, classic breakfast staple even more decadent.  …

Queer In The Kitchen
Roasted Roots, Greens

In the past there wasn’t much about a making a salad that excited me. I always followed the basic midwestern formula of a tiny bit of greens, even less veggies, fistfuls of cheese, mostly croutons and a crap-ton of ranch dressing. Don’t get me wrong, while Hidden Valley soup is…

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