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Show Us Your Beans!

Actually, we prefer if you leave your beans out of it, but you be you. In fact, be as creative as possible for the best chance to take home the top prize at the Dallas Bears Annual Chili Cook-Off. The Round-Up will smell meatier than usual this Saturday afternoon as…

Queer In The Kitchen
Savory Skinny Turkey Chili

Most gays confine themselves to strict high-protein, low-flavor meals that promote lean muscle and return on investment of a closetful of tank tops. Day tanks, evening tanks, even cocktail tanks. We aren’t even making this up! Luckily, we’ve devised an amazing turkey chili recipe that is low-maintenance, high in protein,…

Queer In The Kitchen
Jay’s Brisket Chili

Whether it is at the gym, in between jell-o shots at Sunday Funday, or one of the parties he hosts solely as an excuse to make this chili, our friend, Jay, has been telling us about this recipe for a VERY long time. Unfortunately, we let the recipe sit in our inbox far too long…