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Chips, Salsa & Transgender Rights

Being transgender in Texas just got a lot more difficult thanks to our wonderfully bigoted legislature. Which means we need to be prepared to fight for our trans brothers and sisters because none of us are safe from the closed-minded actions of these morons. And as a united front, we…

Drag In The New Year

It’s almost the Year of the Cock! (That’s our favorite year on the Chinese zodiac calendar, as if you couldn’t guess.) Sure, that New Year’s celebration doesn’t kick off until January 28, but there’s a feast of Asian delights and decadent diversions in store December 31 as Chino Chinatown presents…

Brunch Of The Month: Over The Moon-o For Uno

Finding a kindred spirit is one of life’s biggest joys, which is why we want to share the story of how we met Chef Uno (above). Our attraction was powerful. It was a Sunday afternoon on the patio at her Latin-Asian fusion restaurant, Chino Chinatown at Trinity Groves. As we…