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Queer In The Kitchen
Lemony Broccoli

This recipe is a staple at my house… It’s just SO. EASY. I’ve cooked dinner for groups before, torturing myself over perfectly searing tuna or sweating and cursing, and praying that a souffle won’t fall, then throw this together 10 minutes before people walk in the door and this broccoli…

Queer In The Kitchen
Broccoli Crunch Salad

To me, broccoli has always been one of those foods that unless it’s drenched in ranch, swimming in cheese sauce, or seared with tons of soy sauce and steak, it can taste like biting into a mouthful of St. Augustine sod. None of these being terribly “low-fat” options. Also, broccoli…

Broccoli Cheddar Cornbread

We’re back! After a summer full of vacations, lean and bland food, and the kickoff of John’s transitional hormone treatments, we are finally back in the kitchen. Due to the fact that the foods that excite us most usually include some sort of bacon/cheese/carbohydrate combo, we haven’t really cooked anything “blog-worthy” over…