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Equality Strikes Again

Time to get your mind in the gutter. Or out of it if you’re actually skilled at bowling. Us, not so much. But that doesn’t mean we can’t stick our fingers in a few strange holes for a good cause. That’s what’s happening at this Sunday’s HRC DFW Carnibowl, a…

Fun To Spare

Long before bowling experienced its current renaissance as a pastime for the hip and fabulous, the people over at Human Rights Campaign Dallas saw the future. It was good. And very, very gay. This year, Fruitbowl returns with an everything’s bigger theme of “HRC Loves Dallas.” You’ve got a week…

Striking Appearance

Isn’t it fun when gays take over pastimes and events that are considered stereotypically straight? Yes, stereotypes (like our high school gym teacher) go both ways. Our scrapbook is filled with such fond memories as photos of us standing next to a pile of carcasses at the Big Gay Big…