Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Why So Dramatic? It’s Only Ice Cream.

This time of year, there’s a whole lotta screamin’ goin’ on. But usually, it’s because of things like haunted houses, pre-midterm jitters, and seeing Jamie Lee Curtis with really dry […]

Fave Five: Holiday Boozing Edition

We haven’t done a Fave Five in a while because, well, clearly we’ve been drinking. But it’s ok, it’s all for work. As we head into the holiday season, we […]

Bottoms Up! (And To The Front Of The Line!)

Want to send off September with a bang? And a slurp? And a teeny-tiny umbrella or two? Then drop everything and snag tickets to this Saturday night’s Ultimate Cocktail Experience at […]

You Say Tomato, We Say Bloody Mary

Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday without at least one Bloody Mary. That’s just a cold hard fact. But what about a Sunday with many Bloody Marys? That’s what happens on May […]

Glass For Days

Gorgeous on the outside? You bet. But it’s definitely what’s on the inside that counts. We hold that sentiment for shirtless men in hammocks, but it goes double when it […]

The Genever Convention

We thought we knew everything there was to know about gin. Our blood consists of at least 8% gin, after all. But then we met for drinks with the CEO […]

Ah, Shoot!

Tequila Sheela isn’t just our favorite new name for a drag queen, it’s also our favorite new local booze. In a city known for its barbecue, tacos and abundance of […]

Dallas, Meet Your New Favorite Whiskey

Austin can’t have all the fun. That’s why we’re so excited that the capital city-based 9 Banded Whiskey (named after the number of bands on an armadillo) can now be […]

Mixing Things Up

If somebody told us we’d be shopping at a feed company today, we would’ve denied it vehemently. Yet here we are with a shopping cart full of products from Walker […]

Tipsy In Pink

We love buying products during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Not only do we get to help support research, education and treatment with our purchases, but we get the added benefit […]