Put Some Gay In Your Day!


My, What A Beautiful Ora

We love seeing big-name stars in smaller performance spaces. One of our all-time favorite concerts was Annie Lennox at SMU’s McFarlin Auditorium because it seemed so up-close-and-personal, yet otherworldly all […]

This Donna’s Primo

New music alert! Sometimes a persistent publicist can be our best friend. We get pitched a lot of albums from recording artists that range from megastars to completely obscure. But […]

A Gay Stream Come True

It’s amazing we ever get up off the sofa. After all, we remember the days when watching a gay movie at home meant schlepping to the video store, going behind […]

Cradle Us In Your Arms & Call Us Whitney: We Believe The Children Are The Future

As kids, one of the most exciting things for us was going to K-mart with our mom to buy school supplies. (Sadly, there wasn’t Target in the town where we […]

Boogie Night

Calling all Bell Bottoms and Halter Tops! Disco days are here again when Resource Center and Purple Foundation present Toast To Life: Time to Boogie on Saturday, March 4. Now in […]