Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Yeah, Butt…

Hard to believe that only 15 years ago in Texas, you could be arrested for backing your peach into an eggplant. Or vice versa. But it’s true. On June 25, […]

Let Your PFLAG Fly!

Turning 45 is a major milestone. (And about the year most of us start getting ignored on gay dating apps). But that’s another story altogether. Sunday, we celebrate a 45-year-old […]

Pink Traveler: One Quinceañera You’ll WANT To Attend

The thought of going to a 15-year old’s birthday party is enough to get us several steps into faking our own death. Unless, of course, said 15-year-old is a gay […]

Happy Anniversary, Baby

Please allow me a bit of an indulgence with this week’s column. (As if you don’t every week.) But this is the evening of our anniversary, so that has rather […]

Cinco de Gayo

With age comes wisdom. And a grand total of 4,398 sex jokes, penis references and groan-inducing puns. Yes, five years ago this month a little publication called Gay List Daily […]