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Exit stage left, Donnie & Marie. Break both legs, Sonny & Cher. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Barbara Mandrell. And your sisters, too. There’s only one variety show that we can wholeheartedly endorse and that’s Broadway Our Way, the annual fundraiser for Uptown Players. The always-spectacular cavalcade of singing, tapping, chorus-lining Broadway hits kicks off next Thursday for four performances from all your favorite Uptown Players performers. This year’s talented ensemble includes Michael Albee, BJ Cleveland, Nikki Cloer, Coy Covington, Christopher Curtis, Peter DiCesare, Sergio Garcia, Alex Heika, Kelly Holmes, Linda Leonard, Laura Lites, David…

Most gays confine themselves to strict high-protein, low-flavor meals that promote lean muscle and return on investment of a closetful of tank tops. Day tanks, evening tanks, even cocktail tanks. We aren’t even making this up! Luckily, we’ve devised an amazing turkey chili recipe that is low-maintenance, high in protein, and, above all else, doesn’t sacrifice a bit of flavor to be healthy. That is, if you care about such things. Because WE do.         We are HUNGRY. We’ve been on a diet since the Bush administration… H.W. Bush. The other day, from across the room, I watched a…

The 701 Club with Sister Helen Holy

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AIDS Arms Changes Name To Prism Health North Texas

Since opening its doors in 1986 to serve North Texans during the AIDS crisis, AIDS Arms has been an important part of the Dallas gay community through its support and treatment of thousands of people living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS. Over three decades, together we’ve seen a lot of change, including advancements in the way HIV is prevented and treated. Tonight, at the agency’s office in Oak Cliff, we witnessed one of the organization’s biggest changes of all -…