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Traveling is like crack for the gays. We’ve got your fix.

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There are two kinds of summer heat: The unbearable, burn your feet on the pavement kind; and the hot guys in a gay tropical destination…

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There are few things worse than a tuxedo covered in lube. Or a week’s worth of underwear drenched in mouthwash. That’s because some toiletry bags…

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Wow, that’s big. Like really, really big. And we can’t wait to jump on it, throw our hands in the air and ride it for…

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Want a real taste of Europe? Try eating it. That’s right. On your next trip overseas, make sure to book an Eating Europe Tour if…

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If your Pride celebrations are starting to feel like more of the same-old-same-old year after year, it’s time to experience LGBT Pride Month in another…

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We don’t ever need an excuse to take a vacation. But we know some people who have to have a reason for everything. That’s OK,…

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Short is the new long. It seems that every time we’re in Puerto Rico, it’s for only a day or two, typically before or after…

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