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Groff Expectations

The 1970s continue their gritty TV comeback. A couple weeks ago, we fell in love with The Deuce and its handsome star (of course), James Franco, in a mesmerizing dual role. This week, we get another dark drama set in the disco decade with an even more handsome star, the wonderful (and gay)…

Pink Traveler
Pink Traveler: Maui, Extra Wowee

Winter in New York: Men covered head to toe in layers of wool, traversing icy streets under gloomy gray skies. Winter on Maui: Men splashing around the Pacific in skimpy swimsuits as dolphins leap from the surf in perfect choreography. Winter in Chicago: Men’s handsome faces obscured by ski hats and scarves,…

15 Minutes Of Flame

On a bravery scale of 1 to 10, we’re probably somewhere around a 4. If cocktails are involved in advance, then possibly a 6. Yet every day, there are heroes whose bravery busts out of that 10-point scale with numbers we can’t even comprehend. Soldiers, police officers and firefighters always have our…

Bob & Linda & Tina & Gene & Louise & Fans

One of our favorite shows on TV returns tomorrow night in rare form. That’s right, when Bob’s Burgers debuts its eighth season starter, the entire thing will showcase animation created by some of its most hardcore fans. It’s ambitious, creative and totally cool. We’re so in love with John Roberts, the…

Pink Traveler: South By South Beach

Summer may be officially over, but don’t put away your swimsuit just yet. As LGBT Americans, we feel it’s our duty to support businesses that support us. We also believe it’s important after a natural disaster to support tourism to the cities affected. With a visit to The Gates Hotel…

Binge Watch Karen Binge Drink

Category: Things You Should Know And Probably Already Do, But Just In Case You Don’t, We’re Here To Make Sure There’s No Doubt In Your Mind It’s Actually Happening And You Can’t Blame Us For Not Telling You. Question: What TV series is now available in its entirety and also coming back…

Going To The Ex-Stream

When we woke up this morning, we didn’t have any plans for Friday. But along with millions of adoring gays, we sure do have plans now. If that’s not enough of a tease, here’s a real one: Gaga: Five Foot Two Streaming Friday, September 22 Photo:

Underwear Of The Month: Papi Art

We’ve had Latin Fever our entire lives. It’s what happens when growing up in a town on the Mexican border. Of course, our symptoms get more severe when we actually visit Mexico, which we’ve been fortunate enough to do three times this summer. On our last vacation, while changing in…

Helping Hands For Hurricane Relief

Enough with the hurricanes, already. We can’t begin to imagine what it’s like to lose everything in a natural disaster, but we want to help in any way we can. Donating money is often the best way to offer assistance because the relief organizations can direct the funds right where…

Twice The Franco

In the HBO series premiere of The Deuce, we get to see James Franco’s naked butt. Exclamation points all around! What’s even more exciting, however, is that he plays twins. So we’re hoping to see both characters nude at some point. After all, it would totally be like James Franco to…

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