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It’s Us AND “them”

Ready or not, here they come—out. There’s a new publication in cyberspace and it’s a great one (even though we’re not fans of lowercase proper names). But anyway. them is a new LGBTQ online platform from Condé Nast, one of the most respected media companies on the planet. With a promise…

Martha Stewart’s Worst Nightmare

When a show comes along this funny, using our words to persuade you to watch is useless. Either you LOVE Amy Sedaris—or you don’t. And if you don’t, we hate you. (Nothing personal). At Home with Amy Sedaris Premieres tonight on truTV Image:

Wham! Bam! Thank You, George.

Gone too soon. Those are three of the saddest words in the English language when strung together in that order. We’ve lost a lot of great artists in the last few years, but one that hit us especially hard was the passing of George Michael. The Wham! glory days were…

The Library Is Open

It’s always a good idea to let the drag queens do the reading. Which means all you have to do is look at the pretty pictures. And there are pretty pictures aplenty in Drags, the new photo book from photographer Gregory Kramer. Featuring the biggest and wildest drag kings and…

Groff Expectations

The 1970s continue their gritty TV comeback. A couple weeks ago, we fell in love with The Deuce and its handsome star (of course), James Franco, in a mesmerizing dual role. This week, we get another dark drama set in the disco decade with an even more handsome star, the wonderful (and gay)…

Pink Traveler
Pink Traveler: Maui, Extra Wowee

Winter in New York: Men covered head to toe in layers of wool, traversing icy streets under gloomy gray skies. Winter on Maui: Men splashing around the Pacific in skimpy swimsuits as dolphins leap from the surf in perfect choreography. Winter in Chicago: Men’s handsome faces obscured by ski hats and scarves,…

15 Minutes Of Flame

On a bravery scale of 1 to 10, we’re probably somewhere around a 4. If cocktails are involved in advance, then possibly a 6. Yet every day, there are heroes whose bravery busts out of that 10-point scale with numbers we can’t even comprehend. Soldiers, police officers and firefighters always have our…

Bob & Linda & Tina & Gene & Louise & Fans

One of our favorite shows on TV returns tomorrow night in rare form. That’s right, when Bob’s Burgers debuts its eighth season starter, the entire thing will showcase animation created by some of its most hardcore fans. It’s ambitious, creative and totally cool. We’re so in love with John Roberts, the…

Pink Traveler: South By South Beach

Summer may be officially over, but don’t put away your swimsuit just yet. As LGBT Americans, we feel it’s our duty to support businesses that support us. We also believe it’s important after a natural disaster to support tourism to the cities affected. With a visit to The Gates Hotel…

Binge Watch Karen Binge Drink

Category: Things You Should Know And Probably Already Do, But Just In Case You Don’t, We’re Here To Make Sure There’s No Doubt In Your Mind It’s Actually Happening And You Can’t Blame Us For Not Telling You. Question: What TV series is now available in its entirety and also coming back…

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