Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Some Enchanted Evie

While the name Jack Plotnick may not roll off gay tongues with the frequency of one-word icons like Madonna or Cher, you’ll definitely remember seeing this darling actor on TV […]

Dryer Balls, Fewer Wrinkles

Every once in a while, the gods give us the greatest gift of all – a joke that writes itself. Yes, when we first saw Nellie’s Dryerballs sitting on the […]

He’s Bringing Schticky Back

OK, we fell for it. All the buzz surrounding Justin Timberlake’s Speedo scene in The Love Guru had us more intrigued than Denise Richards trying to open a bottle of […]

Be Kind. Rewind.

Let’s face it: except for a few fierce bright spots like the return of Project Runway and Angelina Jolie as a smokin’ sexy assassin, this summer’s box office and boob […]

52-Card Call Out

For some people it’s babies and puppies that warm the cockles of the heart. But since we’re a bit more jaded, our joy comes from watching those holier-than-thou political types […]

No ‘Pagne. All Grain.

Tiny bubbles in the wine make us happy. But despite the immortal words of Don Ho, we want something more. Something stronger. Something more cosmopolitan. And, well, something that could […]

Pink Is The New Black

Oprah, girlfriend, you missed out. You may think your little book club finds all the clever, undiscovered tomes to make instant bazillionaires out of the authors, and you, of course. […]

Fake It, Then Make It

Now, we would never encourage bold face lying, as that’s completely wrong and immoral. But there’s nothing in the fibbing rulebook about adding a little color and flair to one’s […]