Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Chill Out, Mary

It wasn’t easy, but we’ve done it. And it only took a bar tab as high as a Barney’s shopping spree to figure it out. Now presenting our drink of […]

Watch ‘Em Wiggle. See ‘Em Jiggle.

Nothing is a bigger buzz kill than $14 beers at the Cher concert. Or that fidgety feeling we get halfway through church when a little hair of the dog is […]

Going Through The Change

No matter where we live, who our parents are, or what our socioeconomic status is, there’s one simple truth that unites the human race. It ain’t love. It’s not our […]

Bite Me!

Are you there, Goth? It’s me, your angst-filled youth. It’s funny how nostalgia can strike in the seemingly most innocent of places. Like hearing a song on the radio and […]

This Guy Is Such An Aushole

We here at GLD pride ourselves on knowing the best of, like, everything. Seriously. Fashion, fun, boys, underwear, you name it. But we have to give props where props are […]

Put A Cock In Your Mouth (Or 32 If You’re Feelin’ Crazy)

At Gay List Daily, we see a lot of crazy products come across our desks. Believe us, we spare you the truly disgusting, morally questionable and downright illegal. But every […]

He’s Got Legs, And He Knows How To Use Them

Just hearing the phrase “men’s hosiery” would make most ‘mos imagine their friendly neighborhood drag queen. Grow up, boys. Hosiery is not just for ladies, hot tranny messes or curious […]

Nice Trunk, Jackass

Religion and politics still remain the two taboo topics not to be discussed in mixed company, but in an election year it’s almost impossible not to chime in just a […]

Basket Case

Swimsuits to gay men are like orphans to Angelina. We want one in every shape and color to make sure people notice us, love us and praise us for our […]

Sex And The Sheedy

You know how there are certain celebrities that fall off the radar and it isn’t until they reappear that you remember why you loved them in the first place? Well, […]