Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Reduce. Reuse. Redecorate.

As much as we try to turn you on to the latest, greatest environmentally friendly products, we understand your pain. Recycling is a bitch. All the required bins clutter up […]

Fit To Be Tied

When’s the last time you tied someone up? Oh, kittens, don’t be shocked. We’d never want to offend your virginal sensibilities – once a lady, always a lady – but […]

A Star Isn’t Born

If only every profession required a headshot to be considered for the job. Along with relevant experience, it would also be mandatory for candidates to list their height, weight and […]

International Male

Remember when we had to trudge five miles through the suburbs to rent porn? Only to find out it was straight? How about when our only gay outlet was that […]

LEGO My Gadget

As a kid, we loved LEGOS. They really helped to give Barbie’s Dream House that Mid-Century Modern look that it was so desperately missing. Plus Bobby Sampson was obsessed with […]

Are You A Hot Tranny Mesh?

Is your digital life as scattered as your analog one? Our summer wardrobe is currently wintering in a storage facility across town, our hot little ski outfit and all our […]

Calling All Dancing Queens

In between quests for virtual gay bars in World of Warcraft, stealing cars and running from the Popo in Grand Theft Auto, and dodging the occasional ghost in Ms. Pac-Man, […]

In The Name Of The Father, The Son & The Holy Gays

Can we get a witness? For your review, we proudly present the surprising, joyful documentary, We’re All Angels. Now before you hit the snooze button, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill docu-bore. […]

Forty Gays & Forty Plights

You’ve had bad nights before. A stiff drink flung in your face. Screaming the wrong name at the wrong time. Searching desperately for the hidden pint in the freezer to […]

Gettin’ Swiggies With It

Hydration is good for the skin and fanny packs are bad for your image. So what’s a boy (or lesbian on the go) to do? Why, get a Swiggies wrist-mounted […]