Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Know Before You Show

Oh ye weary holiday partygoer, have you been blinded by one too many matchy Christmas sweater?, gone deaf from a co-worker’s Manheim Steamroller holiday ring tone (yes, they exist)?, or […]

Mansluts, We’ve Got You Covered!

We’ve all been there. The groggy, early morning awakening in the bed of a stranger. Two cats curled up on your head. A red neon sign crackling outside the window. […]

Strippers, Country Studs And Christmas Lights

Take deep breaths and remember, if the holidays don’t kill you, they’ll make you stronger. And even though your dance-remix card is filling up quickly, here are some festive diversions […]

Protection For Your 12-Incher (Or Your Mini)

See that person sitting across from you at Starbucks with the plain black laptop? Stone her! Stone her with biscotti and muffin tops! Or, if you’re not the violent type […]

Manchester Man

In a perfect world, every man would look like David Beckham and be bare-chested at all times, but in the meantime there’s English Laundry. This line of fine frocks for […]

Viva Vocabulary

Websters Schmebsters, good grammar has gone urban. Break free from the chains of overused modifiers like exxxtreme (extra x’s for emphatic emphasis, of course) and embrace your inner hipster. Urban […]

Head Case

Bald isn’t just for tires, babies and Britney Spears. In recent years, the dome sans mane has been making a comeback on folks like Vin Diesel and Taye Diggs, leading […]

C’mon And Shake A Tail Feather

It's time to get your gobble on – Thanksgiving has arrived. Amidst the gluttony, family and Tryptophan-induced comas, a few glimmers of fun still exist and we’ve pulled them all […]

Gee, Your Bitch Smells Terrific!

Just because she’s a little crazy, eats her own hair and poops on the floor every once in a while, doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve her own signature fragrance. And […]

Foam Party

You know how in Poltergeist, the family’s house was built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground and the little girl gets sucked into the TV and a bunch […]