Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Sake It To Me

While the eyes may be the window to the soul, the drink order is the window to the guy you might be waking up next to – so pay attention! […]

You So Pretty. Miso Hungry.

We know, we know. When it comes to high-quality Asian food, we all naturally head for the mall food court and the fast-food steam tables brimming with hours-old chunks of […]

Mickey Mouse Is The Anti-Christ

At Gay List Daily, we find the hottest products to buy and best places to go, gay in and day out, so it may sound somewhat hypocritical to review a […]

A December To Remember

We didn’t just put the ‘mo in homo; we also put the ‘mo in more. Gay List Daily has rounded up an uber collection of outings fit for a queen […]

Sticky Floor And Crying Babies Not Included

Face it. All the cool kids want to look like that blind Star Trek guy played by LeVar Burton. Well, now you can one-up everyone with the hottest so-you’ve-already-purchased- everything-in-Skymall […]

Oh, CD

Give it up, Grinch. We know you have surrendered to the incessant jingle jangle of holiday tunes and loaded your iPod with everything from Bing Crosby to that jaunty Mariah […]

Know Before You Show

Oh ye weary holiday partygoer, have you been blinded by one too many matchy Christmas sweater?, gone deaf from a co-worker’s Manheim Steamroller holiday ring tone (yes, they exist)?, or […]

Mansluts, We’ve Got You Covered!

We’ve all been there. The groggy, early morning awakening in the bed of a stranger. Two cats curled up on your head. A red neon sign crackling outside the window. […]

Strippers, Country Studs And Christmas Lights

Take deep breaths and remember, if the holidays don’t kill you, they’ll make you stronger. And even though your dance-remix card is filling up quickly, here are some festive diversions […]

Protection For Your 12-Incher (Or Your Mini)

See that person sitting across from you at Starbucks with the plain black laptop? Stone her! Stone her with biscotti and muffin tops! Or, if you’re not the violent type […]