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A collection of tasty recipes from Queer In The Kitchen, a project that follows two gays’ culinary misadventures. Testing and creating recipes and sharing them with you, all while drinking!

Queer In The Kitchen
Springfield Cashew Chicken

My hometown of Springfield, Missouri is the birthplace of cashew chicken. I tell people this literally every chance I get, and NO ONE ever believes me. They probably think I’m making stuff up in the vain attempt to attribute something to the Ozarks besides Branson, Anita Bryant and Hill People.…

Queer In The Kitchen
Fit Stuffed Bell Peppers

This recipe is a throwback to growing up in the Midwest and all the amazing, delicious, incredibly hi-caloric meals we ate gathered around the dinner table. Well, my family was around the table. I was practicing my baton twirling in the closet. Literally. It was a REALLY big walk-in closet.    …

Queer In The Kitchen
Ode to Ina: Grown-Up Mac & Cheese

Everyone is all apple pie this and hot dogs that, but if our great nation’s waistbands are any indication, a plateful of creamy, bubbly, carb-y mac and cheese is about as American as any food gets. I mean seriously, if you put your nose up to this dish and are…

Queer In The Kitchen
Jarred’s Buttermilk Pie

Jarred is a real-life chef, owns two restaurants (EAT new orleans and Vacherie) and makes our cooking look like little girls pestering their mothers in the kitchen… and wearing their heels. We were first privy to his cooking last Thanksgiving when his artichoke stuffing upstaged my food so much that I almost jumped…

Queer In The Kitchen
Big Boy Grilled Cheese

Often times in my adult life, the urge has struck me to stomp my feet, throw everything down, and curl up on the floor kicking and screaming. Revisiting your youth is almost always fun, and almost always a huge mistake. Lucky for you, not in this case.         This…

Queer In The Kitchen
Ode To Ina: Beef Bourguignon

Like the teens that ended up in the ICU after watching MTV’s Jackass, I too am guilty of seeing something on TV and ‘trying it at home.’ Almost immediately after seeing Julie & Julia years ago, I obnoxiously mimicked Meryl Streep’s Julia Child accent was determined to make beouf bourguignon like Amy…

Queer In The Kitchen
Bruschetta a la ‘mo

This bruschetta a la ‘mo recipe is insanely easy, and delivers a crazy amount of flavor for the effort. It is the perfect party appetizer to show off all your newly acquired homo cooking skills. Go ahead and flaunt yourself. bruschetta a la ‘mo 1 tablespoon olive oil 1/2 teaspoon…

Queer In The Kitchen
Maple Bourbon Carrots

I’ve have never been huge fans of cooked carrots. But, like all of life’s problems, food or otherwise, I always find sugar and/or hard liquor are an excellent solution. This recipe takes a page from both.           Sure, they’re supposed to be great for you’re eyesight, but (not to be…

Queer In The Kitchen
Healthy Big Mac Salad

Temptation is everywhere. There are strategically placed McDonald’s whose golden arches taunt us on the way to and from the gym. Nothing validates double-fisting two Big Mac value meals like a half-assed workout.           Despite the fact that Ronald McDonald is John’s longest, most stable male relationship, we must force ourselves…

Queer In The Kitchen
Garlic Infused Mashed Cauliflower

We know what you’re thinking, “these queers sure love their cauliflower.” I guess it’s another gay stereotype we are guilty of. We love Bravo-housewife wine-fights, Dolly Parton, overpriced swimsuits, and cauliflower. After our successful ability to transform this boring, white vegetable into a delicious Asian side dish with our cauliflower fried…

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