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Apple’s iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s Review

Apple unveils two new iPhones that make these the most forward thinking phones on the market. The Moxie Mo has all the scoop on the new iPhone 5c and the […]

Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch

Samsung announced their first ever smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which they claim is the perfect companion for your smartphone or tablet. But is it really worth buying and what […]

Beauty On Board

If you ever come over to our house, use caution when opening up the cabinets in our bathroom. Because we buy all of our grooming products in gallon-size drums, one […]

Apple’s iPhone Trade-In Program

Back from a wonderful week off on vacation in Seaside, FL. Apple’s iPhone Trade-In Program now lets you trade in your old phone for a new one, but there are […]

Who, What, Where, Whim

It’s Thursday. Monday is Labor Day. And that means you’ve got a long weekend. Pity to waste it hanging out in Dallas when there’s something so enticing gently whispering your […]

Best Weather Apps

The Moxie Mo knows his technology AND knows weather. Check out the newest, best and coolest weather apps that work perfectly on your smartphone or tablet! Who knew tech (and […]

Google Nexus 7 (2nd Gen) – The King of Tablets

Google releases its 2nd-generation Nexus 7 tablet which has many claiming this is the best 7-inch tablet on the market. Check out the new, thinner, faster, insanely-HD, amazing Google Nexus […]

Find The Perfect Sunglasses

A new app helps you find the perfect pair of sunglasses/glasses, the DoorBot doorbell lets you see and chat with the person at your front door even when you aren’t […]

Cottage Industry

There’s no place on earth like the French Quarter in New Orleans. The smell of of beignets and chicory coffee fills the air. A salty breeze weaves through the narrow […]

Moxie Mo Show: AT&T Allows Early Upgrade

The Pope allows Catholics to tweet their sins for a reduced time in purgatory, Microsoft launches a new Outlook app for iPhone and iPad users and AT&T launches a new […]