Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Pounds, Perversity & Pyramid.

Let us turn our prayer wagons to foreign missions. Pounds.  News out of the United Kingdom (please…..the Kingdom of God is the ONLY Kingdom!) is that the planned exit from […]

What A Tangled Web

Mother could be the absolute best at untangling things. She had a real talent for rubbing a thin chain, balled up as it may be, between her thumb and forefinger […]

Remember, Recoil & Rest

It’s time for this week’s reflection. Remember. Let us reflect upon the loss of the 41st President of our country. After the leadership we have experienced the last two years, it […]

Who Wants To Sleep With John Waters?

Let’s go chasing Waters next fall! But it won’t be much of a contest because we know exactly where to find him: Camp John Waters. How we never heard of […]

A Collection of November Epiphanies

Well, I didn’t actually fall off the planet. It’s just that I went out of town for a week, the publisher took vacation and I got a week off, and […]

Parade, Perverse, Patrol

Giving thanks and crying for help. Parade.  I pray that all of you experienced a season of thanks with family and friends last week.  I also pray that you are […]

Females, Firings & Physicians

The elections are over.  Let’s review and move on. Females.  I am praising the Lord for the blessing that the end of these midterm elections has brought.  No more political […]

Privies, Prayers & Probes

It’s been a trying week.  Let us gather in prayer. Privies.  Here’s an item of interest.  Brother Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and bazillionaire, has begun an initiative which was […]

Hope Springs Eternal

Sometimes, commercials backfire.  Karl and I were watching television this week when one came on for Whataburger.  Now, when Karl calls from the office and asks if he wants me […]

Prayer, Preposterous & Pagan

It’s been a trying week.  Let us gather in prayer. Prayer.  Now, more than ever, people of all faiths need to come together at one altar to pray for this […]