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If you’re a “one of a kind” geek or even someone remotely interested in technology and how it affects everyone, then The Moxie Mo Show is for you. We don’t go into all the boring geeky details with a topic – the Moxie Mo covers it in a fun, energetic and easy-to-get way, focusing on topics that you won’t find on all the other tech podcasts. Who knew tech could be so moxie?

Take Your Best Selfie, Samsung Galaxy S5 Unveiled

The Moxie Mo Show is back from a short hiatus and we’ve got all the scoop on Samsung’s Galaxy S5 smartphone! Check out the new hardware and software improvements plus its cool new […]

Facebook’s Paper App – Best App Ever Made?

As the Moxie Mo Show predicted, Facebook launches its new Paper App which is a game changer for Facebook. See why this new app has everyone talking and why you will never use the old Facebook […]

TurboTax SnapTax App Files Taxes in Minutes, iOS 7.1 New Features

Tax season is here and TurboTax’s new app lets you e-file your taxes using your phone’s camera in just minutes! Plus, Apple’s next iOS 7.1 software release is coming soon […]

Clean Out Your Email, Google Buys Nest, Facebook News Reader App

Google announces it has purchased the very popular smart home gadget maker, Nest. Facebook competes with Flipboard by launching a news reader app and how to clean out your email […]

Bendable Ultra HD 4k TVs, T-Mobile Pays You to Switch – CES 2014

CES 2014 is in full swing and unveils the hottest new curved, bendable Ultra HD 4k TVs. You won’t believe how beautiful and cool they are! Plus, T-Mobile makes a […]

Netflix Removes Movies, Exercise with iPhone 5s, Gift Card Exchange

The Moxie Mo is back from holiday vacation! Did you know Netflix will remove over 80 big title movies and TV shows starting January 1st, there’s a new app that […]

Moxie Mo Show Holiday Gadget Gift Guide (Pt 3): Best Stocking Stuffers

It’s part 3 of our Holiday Gadget Gift Guide and the Moxie Mo covers this year’s hottest gadgets that make the perfect stocking stuffers! There’s something for EVERYONE so check […]

Moxie Mo Show Holiday Gadget Gift Guide – Most Wanted

It’s part 2 of the Moxie Mo Show’s Holiday Gadget Gift Guide where the Moxie Mo covers the hottest gadgets of the year that will make perfect gifts for you […]

Moxie Mo’s Gift Guide

The holidays are near, so we’ve turned to one of Gay List Daily’s newest contributors, Jeff McCord from The Moxie Mo Show, for a rundown of 2013’s hottest gadgets that […]

Moxie Mo Show Holiday Gadget Gift Guide – Under $100

The Moxie Mo Show’s annual Holiday Gadget Gift Guide covers the hottest, moxiest gadgets that every one will want for Christmas! Check out the perfect gadgets for your living room, […]