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If you’re a “one of a kind” geek or even someone remotely interested in technology and how it affects everyone, then The Moxie Mo Show is for you. We don’t go into all the boring geeky details with a topic – the Moxie Mo covers it in a fun, energetic and easy-to-get way, focusing on topics that you won’t find on all the other tech podcasts. Who knew tech could be so moxie?

Moxie Mo Show
Take Your Best Selfie, Samsung Galaxy S5 Unveiled

The Moxie Mo Show is back from a short hiatus and we’ve got all the scoop on Samsung’s Galaxy S5 smartphone! Check out the new hardware and software improvements plus its cool new sensors. Plus, check out the CamMe App to help you take better Selfies! Who knew tech could be so moxie? This episode is…

Moxie Mo Show
Facebook’s Paper App – Best App Ever Made?

As the Moxie Mo Show predicted, Facebook launches its new Paper App which is a game changer for Facebook. See why this new app has everyone talking and why you will never use the old Facebook app on your phone again! Who knew tech could be so moxie? Valentine’s Day is almost here, so save 20% off floral arrangements…

Moxie Mo Show
Moxie Mo’s Gift Guide

The holidays are near, so we’ve turned to one of Gay List Daily’s newest contributors, Jeff McCord from The Moxie Mo Show, for a rundown of 2013’s hottest gadgets that will make the perfect gifts. Xbox One, $499 Even if you aren’t a hardcore “gamer” the new Xbox One makes…

Moxie Mo Show
Moxie Mo Show Holiday Gadget Gift Guide – Under $100

The Moxie Mo Show’s annual Holiday Gadget Gift Guide covers the hottest, moxiest gadgets that every one will want for Christmas! Check out the perfect gadgets for your living room, TV, music lovers and the health and fitness gadget everyone is talking about! Who knew tech could be so moxie?…

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