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If you’re a “one of a kind” geek or even someone remotely interested in technology and how it affects everyone, then The Moxie Mo Show is for you. We don’t go into all the boring geeky details with a topic – the Moxie Mo covers it in a fun, energetic and easy-to-get way, focusing on topics that you won’t find on all the other tech podcasts. Who knew tech could be so moxie?

Moxie Mo Show
Windows 10: What You Need to Know

It’s been a few moments since we’ve mentioned Microsoft, but they’ve rightfully earned a reason for our attention. This Wednesday, July 29, Microsoft will launch Windows 10 as a free upgrade. Don’t worry, this isn’t your Windows 8 debacle. According to several legitimate reviewers, Windows 10 is a substantial shift…

Moxie Mo Show
Apple’s New iPhone 6s: What to Expect

It’s almost time for Apple to announce a new generation of the iPhone and I’ve got the latest scoop on Apple’s iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus. This post is brought to you by Audiobooks.com. Use our Audiobooks coupon code MOXIE2 to get a 30-day free trial PLUS 2 free Audiobooks. Audiobooks.com…

Moxie Mo Show
Apple’s iOS 9 Brings New Features to iPhone 6s?

It’s hard to believe that Apple’s next-gen iPhone (“iPhone 6s”) and its next-gen iOS software (“iOS 9”) are just around the corner. Thanks to some newly leaked iOS 9 features, we have a good idea of what we can expect with the iPhone 6s, including a new keyboard layout, new iMessage…

Moxie Mo Show
Apple TV Getting Major Overhaul at WWDC 2015

Some of my favorite gadgets are the media-streaming consoles like my Xbox, Roku, and Apple TV. It appears Apple has some big plans for its Apple TV at next month’s WWDC 2015 developer conference. This post is brought to you by Bluehost.com. Use our Bluehost coupon code to save 42%…

Moxie Mo Show
Apple Watch: Pricing & Availability

Today, Apple’s Spring Forward event announced more details on the highly anticipated Apple Watch, including an April launch date and pricing for the 3 collections of the Apple Watch. Here’s everything you need to know about one of this year’s hottest gadgets. This episode is brought to you by GoDaddy.com -…

Moxie Mo Show
Flipboard for the Web

One of my most favorite apps for iPhone, iPad and Android is Flipboard — a very popular social news reader app. Flipboard takes your favorite subjects and topics (news, technology, sports, pop culture, music, yoga, dogs, etc) and then delivers them to you in a beautiful and intuitive magazine-style layout. You can…

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