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Well, Let Me Say This About That is an interesting twist on current events, as told by Dallas’ finest and funniest Craig McCartney.

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Do What You Wanna Do

One of the many interesting things about getting older is how the wisdom of those who had gotten older while we were still young takes on real meaning when we finally get old enough to understand what they were saying in the first place.  Even as a child, I knew…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Too Darn Hot

Mercifully, I missed most of the triple digit heat wave that hit Texas last week and got back just in time to think, “Ugh, it’s too darn hot!”  And based on the number of dashboard thermometer pictures posted on Facebook, a lot of other folks thought so, too. Does complaining…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
An Old Story Gets A New Life

Faithful readers of this column (which I certainly hope you all are) know that I am from Tyler, Texas. A small city more Southern than Southwestern. And while most of my anecdotes about growing up there have to do with a gay boy growing up behind the Pine Curtain, today’s…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
A New Civil(?) War

Generally speaking, I was a pretty well behaved child.  The one thing that I really had to work out was my “tone.”  Tone of voice, that is.  If I pushed anything too hard, Daddy would give me that over-the-glasses look and say, “You need to watch that tone, son.”  End…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Rambling Rose

Have you ever noticed how some folks develop a rather slow motion affect when they’ve had too much to drink?  It’s as if they are conscious of needing to make an extra effort to appear focused and in control, when they obviously are neither.  Their speech, even if not slurred,…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Bright Lights, Big City

It was 1974, and I had never been to a gay bar. Neither had my friends George and Ricky. But we had managed to get the name of the hottest club in Dallas—the Bayou Landing—and we knew that it was on Pearl. Where that was, we had no clue. Back…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
A Tale of Mark, Rick & Steve

Not too long ago, a conversation with some married friends, lubricated with vodka, turned to our youthful days. And that, naturally, moved on to sex. Not married sex, which nobody talks about. But single sex, which everyone talks about. My contribution involved a story from my salad days, which I…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Royal Recap

As a child, it was obvious to me that weddings and funerals are the great ceremonies of life. Even long-suffering Annie in Imitation of Life used her last moments on her deathbed to talk (whisper, really) about her funeral and Miss Suzie’s wedding. When it came to weddings, I remember…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
For Your Viewing Pleasure

Watching television has never been better. That may come as a surprise to those of you who claim that “I don’t really watch much television.” But if you’re not spending your leisure time re-reading The Red and the Black or the complete works of Marcel Proust, you probably know what…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Is That All There Is?

I must have been around 12 or 13 the first time I heard Peggy Lee’s classic Is That All There Is? Why a precocious boy would develop an affinity for this song about disillusionment is best left to the professionals, I suppose. But at the time, it replaced These Boots…

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