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Well, Let Me Say This About That is an interesting twist on current events, as told by Dallas’ finest and funniest Craig McCartney.

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Confessions From My Rabbit Hole

When the New York Times published that anonymous op-ed this week sensationally titled “I am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration,” my movie addled brain went down its usual rabbit hole to those movies with similar screaming titles. Confessions of a Nazi Spy. I Married a Nazi.  That…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Monkey Business

Were you one of those children that slept with a quantity of stuffed toys?  I certainly was. There was the requisite teddy bear, a circus clown and Barney Rubble, dressed in that fur dress he and Fred Flintstone always wore.  And there was a monkey holding a plastic banana. The…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
I’m A Peach Mint

You know, I was really planning to follow up last’s week column about Trump’s dog insult with one centered on cats.  And while the Federal Communications Commission’s Equal-time rule only applies to political candidates and its Fairness Doctrine has been dead for years, I thought it might be in the…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Dog Day Afternoon

I’m a dog person. My whole family is made up of dog people. I have home movies of me as a toddler with my dachshund , Suzie, and her puppies. Baby Craig is trying desperately, but unsuccessfully, to get her and the six babies into my standard issue little red…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Another Award for Popularity?

My earliest Oscar show memory is being disappointed that Elizabeth Taylor wasn’t there to accept her award for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?  I haven’t missed a televised ceremony since.   So I felt something akin to horror (a genre that rarely gets Oscar consideration) on hearing the news that…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Do What You Wanna Do

One of the many interesting things about getting older is how the wisdom of those who had gotten older while we were still young takes on real meaning when we finally get old enough to understand what they were saying in the first place.  Even as a child, I knew…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Too Darn Hot

Mercifully, I missed most of the triple digit heat wave that hit Texas last week and got back just in time to think, “Ugh, it’s too darn hot!”  And based on the number of dashboard thermometer pictures posted on Facebook, a lot of other folks thought so, too. Does complaining…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
An Old Story Gets A New Life

Faithful readers of this column (which I certainly hope you all are) know that I am from Tyler, Texas. A small city more Southern than Southwestern. And while most of my anecdotes about growing up there have to do with a gay boy growing up behind the Pine Curtain, today’s…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
A New Civil(?) War

Generally speaking, I was a pretty well behaved child.  The one thing that I really had to work out was my “tone.”  Tone of voice, that is.  If I pushed anything too hard, Daddy would give me that over-the-glasses look and say, “You need to watch that tone, son.”  End…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Rambling Rose

Have you ever noticed how some folks develop a rather slow motion affect when they’ve had too much to drink?  It’s as if they are conscious of needing to make an extra effort to appear focused and in control, when they obviously are neither.  Their speech, even if not slurred,…

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