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Well, Let Me Say This About That is an interesting twist on current events, as told by Dallas’ finest and funniest Craig McCartney.

Well, Let Me Say This About That
The Rules Of The Game

My mother had rules for everything. And it wasn’t just the nothing white after Labor Day rule. There were spring colors, mostly pastels, that couldn’t be worn before Easter and after August. There were fall colors that could be worn judiciously into winter, but never after the first warm spell…no…

Well, Let Me Say This About That

Patty Duke died this week, and she and I go way back. I have no memory of when she won the Oscar, but I do remember every word of the theme song to her television show. And that was before I even knew about the Ballet Russes. Or Crepe Suzette.…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Cooking With Craig

Say what you will, the times we live in are interesting. And you need go no further than Facebook for a cacophony of opinions and perspectives on everything that’s going on. That is, if you haven’t unfriended everyone who posts things that don’t reinforce your point of view. And you…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Farewells, Fond and Otherwise

It’s always bittersweet when good things to come to an end. So it was with “Downtown Abbey”…and, mercifully, Julian Fellowes didn’t kill anybody off at the last minute. (Oops! I should have said, “Spoiler Alert!” But, then, what kind of “Downtown Abbey” fanatic are you if you haven’t seen the…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Drag Race

For months now, I have needed my fix of RuPaul and her marvelous Drag Race. You can keep your Real Housewives of Wherever with their scripted fights; give me an honest to God drag queen throwing shade any day. Especially if she’s throwing it with a trowel. (The new season…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Fast Times At Your Very Own High

Have you ever noticed how little things have changed since high school? Remember the girl who knew more than anyone else, was always prepared for class and sucking up to the teachers? Remember the guy who always took contrarian positions on issues in class, ran for student council, but never…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Civility 101

Far be it from me to instruct others on how to behave (well not that far), but some folks seem to need reminding of what their mothers taught them…assuming their mothers did not provide the inspiration for one of the characters on “Orange is the New Black.” Surely I am…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Beyond Beyonce

Being one of those who could not care less about football, I didn’t even know the Super Bowl was being played last Sunday until two days before the game. I just knew that the Dallas Cowboys weren’t going to play in it, and I wasn’t having a party. Not that…

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