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Well, Let Me Say This About That is an interesting twist on current events, as told by Dallas’ finest and funniest Craig McCartney.

Well, Let Me Say This About That
That’s Entertainment!

Based on some of the comments that came across my Facebook feed following Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech, I may be in the minority when I say I love it when celebrities get all political. It’s highly entertaining. Having sold a part of themselves on the personal level to get…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Happy Anniversary, Baby

Please allow me a bit of an indulgence with this week’s column. (As if you don’t every week.) But this is the evening of our anniversary, so that has rather been at the top of my mind today. It’s not one of those milestone anniversary years ending in zero and,…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Funny, Interrupted

We have such strange relationships with celebrities, don’t we? Of course, they are people we don’t really know, but somehow we personalize them for our own consumption, projecting onto them qualities and characteristics which they may—or may not—possess. And when celebrities endure for decades, these one-way relationships can last longer…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
We Need A Little Christmas

I just wrote a column with the title “The Winter of Our Discontent.” It had references to Shakespeare, Steinbeck, Bertha Bumiller and Regina Giddens, but it was just a little dark. Okay, it was very dark. I realized I had to rethink it when I found myself threatening to pull…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
The Hairway Of Life

If you read last week’s column (and I hope you did), I told you we might talk this week about why one should never offend a hairdresser if I didn’t see anyone wearing a Trump “Make Christmas Great Again” sweater. Well, I didn’t. And I’m a little disappointed that I…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Sturm Und Drang

On June 13, 2012, a major hailstorm hit Dallas and sat on top of our house for about 30 minutes. Living with hailstorms is what you do if you live in Texas, but I’d always dismissed talk of baseball size hail. Not after that day. When it started, the hail…

Well, Let Me Say This About That
Put The Blame On Mame

It is with a heavy heart that it falls to me to explain why Hillary Clinton is not going to be the next President of the United States. You may have heard that it was because of a white backlash from working class voters. Or, she had the right numbers…

Well, Let Me Say This About That

Everyone can agree this was a momentous election. That’s true anytime the White House is up for grabs (1988, 2000, 2008) or when the country is in the mood to fire the sitting president (1976, 1980, 1992). You know that our last three presidents went into office with their respective…

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