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But Wait, There’s More!

Last month, we told you about hottie power-couple Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black giving away a double-date with them to one lucky donor to their fundraising campaign benefiting HRC and the Brain Tumour Charity, organizations close to the guys’ hearts. Now, in the final week of the campaign, they’ve…

Manila Luzon Remakes “Today 4 U”

Just a few minutes ago, superstar drag queen Manila Luzon debuted a fun video cover of “Today 4 U” from Rent…and again proves why she’s one of our favorite queens to drop from Mama Ru’s womb. She starts off looking sweet and wholesome enough to have a Christian Christmas album (for…

You Better Fucking Vote

With all of the high-falutin’, civic-minded posts we’re seeing online today about the importance of voting, it’s refreshing to see a little humor injected into conversation. cracked our shit up this morning! So, if you don’t know where to fucking vote, they’ll tell you where to fucking vote. Just enter…

“Sexy” works hard

Isn’t it funny how you can put the word “sexy” before just about occupation and, paired with a skimpy version of said occupation’s uniform, it’s suddenly someone’s bright idea for a Halloween costume? In honor of Halloween street parties happening in gayborhoods nationwide, we undertook the arduous task of combing…

Sia makes us Smile

First, Pharrell made us “Happy,” and now Sia is taking a sunshine turn to make us smile…and, girl, did she! (It almost makes us feel bad for bagging on Bette yesterday. Almost.) But back to Sia. She’s remade “Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile” for the upcoming release – and…

Bette Warbles “Waterfalls”

When we heard that Bette Midler was remaking TLC’s Waterfalls, one of our favorite songs from high school preschool, we REALLY wanted to like it. Like, really really. But then we heard it. As always, adore her voice, but this just sounds like our grandma warbling to Top 40 in…

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