Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Fans, Farts & Farce

We need some silliness this week. Fans.  I have long been familiar with the various types of themed charters of ships on the high seas. Nudist charters (not enough Purell in […]

Suffering, Suffragettes, & Suffice

My heart is heavy this week. Suffering.  I am never remiss in my condemnation of Hollyweird awards shows.  However, after the portion of the Grammys which I suffered through Sunday […]

Bowl, Body & Burger

I have dedicated my prayer life this week to Sunday’s football extravaganza. Bowl.  Lord, forgive the hatred in my heart, but I have very strong feelings about the New England […]

Gowns, Gays & Guts

It’s a slow news week, but I’m never at a loss for commentary! Gowns.  Another round of Hollywood self-indulgence has left its mess on the boob tube.  Last Sunday’s SAG […]

Bowls, Balls & Butts

I’m exhausted this week from prayer over these stories.  Let us reflect. Bowls.  I don’t really care much for football, nor do I stay abreast of the ins and outs […]

Tribute, Truckload & Traffic

We start with praise and end with condemnation.  Tribute. Let us turn our thoughts to Glory where there is surely a grand staircase today descending to the Pearly Gates, as Sister […]

Glory, Globes & Gloom

Another year, another start, another set of stories.  Bow your heads. Glory.  Let us grieve as one, Brothers and Sisters.  A man of great business stature has passed away.  Brother […]

Resolutions, Records & Repulsive

The New Year is off to a disgusting start. Now, more than ever, we need to be on our knees! Resolutions. We have survived another year and, more importantly, another New […]

Communication, Catholics & Cars

Some pre-Christmas opinions and prayer requests. Communication.  At this time of year, many end-of-year lists emerge.  I’d like to draw your attention to the most popular words of 2018, according […]

Pounds, Perversity & Pyramid.

Let us turn our prayer wagons to foreign missions. Pounds.  News out of the United Kingdom (please…..the Kingdom of God is the ONLY Kingdom!) is that the planned exit from […]