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Underwear Of The Month: Hit The Locker Room

The NFL’s first regular season game kicks off on September 6 and we couldn’t be more excited. Not to watch the games, but to fantasize about what goes on in the team locker rooms. (Yes, if there was a Perv Bowl, we’d win every year and always be MVP.) So…

Super-Talented, S.O.B.

Apple Music, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Or not. Let’s just focus on one. For music lovers, what’s better than waking up to an alert that a new album has been released from a favorite artist—AND you can download it for free that very second?…

Just Sit Right Back And You’ll Hear A Tale

No phone. No lights. No motor car. Not a single luxury. Damn if nearly every primitive-as-can-be lyric of the Gilligan’s Island theme song perfectly describes Castaways, premiering tonight on ABC. A mixture of Survivor and Lost, the show finds each of 12 contestants stranded alone on their own island, unaware of how many other people are…

It’s George’s World—But You Can Visit

Remember when social media was fun? We do. Then again, we also remember having to hook our computer up to a land-line phone to get on AOL. Well, a new celebrity platform has launched. Called TraceMe, the free app connects fans with celebs in the world of entertainment and sports.…

Historically Bootylicious

We just went through several weeks of home renovations. And during that time, we found a box of what we totally consider vintage pornography—our first Playgirl, Freshmen and a gay VHS(!) or 16. Well, label us completely out of touch because we just found some naughty, naughty pictures that are way more vintage…

Underwear Of The Month: What’s Down Under?

Naked is best. But society doesn’t always let us get away with that concept, so in the hot summer months we typically try to find underwear that’s as light and skimpy as possible. (Because wearing no underwear at all just creeps us out.) Well, Australia’s sexy undie brand, 2EROS, has…

How To Make Sweet, Sweet Love (Literally)

What if Willy Wonka wanted to wank his ween? He’d probably turn to Wicked. (And hopefully not an Oompa Loompa.) The sensual products company recently sent us Pride Month gift celebrating not only the diversity of human sexuality but a huge diversity of personal lubricants. In fact, the box featured so many…

He Moves In Mysterious Ways

There’s a little Nancy Drew in all of us. More Nancy in some than others, of course. But, really, who doesn’t love a good mystery? Last night, Zachary Quinto once again stepped into the shoes of Leonard Nimoy, taking over his role as host of In Search Of, now on History Channel…

LOL – Emphasis On The O

The most stressful thing about being in the audience at a standup show is having to get up to pee and worrying about being incorporated into the comedian’s act. Well, there’s an LGBT standup show coming on July 24 that alleviates those fears completely! That’s because OUT on Stage takes place…

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